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Don't let the pressures of "Group Think" destroy your critical thinking skills. 

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The Beauty of an Open Mind

Free Market Principles are what creates the dynamism of the American Economy.  Our education system has all but eliminated the teachings and historical evidence provided by Dr. Milton Friedman. Instead, far to often,  the Public Education K-12 and the College Systems have become radical organizations preaching socialism ideals over free markets facts.   

We combine the wisdom of Friedman with an eye towards today's opportunities.  

Free Markets = Opportunity

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”
Milton Friedman

Our research shows that increasing government influence on Economic Development correlates with the decline of American dynamism.

Judge results not rhetoric. 


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Free Markets Create Opportunities

The Imaginarium

Take a seat, spend some time dreaming. We search for opportunities, ideas, inspirational quotes that get the creative juices flowing. 

What sets your mind to new ideas? 

How to brush of the cobwebs of process and dream of new approaches for a better tomorrow. 

Small Business : Making a Coming Back

Carly Fiorina, the former presidential contender in the 2016 primaries pointed to research that put American business dynamism at it's lowest level in our countries history. 

That is changing.   All signs indicate small business is coming back and strong. 

Equity Crowdfunding

The new age  Business Financing                 JOBS Act of 2012

Reg A+  and  Regulation Crowdfunding

Insights from legal minds and Portal operators. We will bring you the ideas that great  campaigns are made of. 

Vertical Farming

Agriculture is experiencing a revelation as technology alters the basics. 

Vertical farming refers to a wide range of  techniques & technologies. The most extreme approach to vertical farming is indoors under artificial light with zero soil. But there are many approaches to vertical farming that leverage the square footage by layering biomass production. Our focus is on techniques and technology that are cost effective and practical for family farms and small commercial. We particularly favor the emerging trend of restaurants and chefs to farm some of their own produce needs.    

Tech News Networks

We aggregate technology and business news on a "series" of Twitter channels. It's like a modern day version of magazine network... kinda sorta. 

WHAT IT IS IS:  Culled information for people that want to be informed. 

So far our audience is over 115,000 on 18 subject delineated channels -  There is a Twitter link below. 

We're Just Getting Started

Business Ideas: On the Horizon

3D Printing *

Robotics / Drones 

Commercial Space Opportunities

Agriculture Technology

Education Technology 

We'll bring you a treasure trove of business authors sharing ideas and business stories on a wide range of new business opportunities and new financing strategies. 

Our focus is on decentralization and the power of innovation that comes with free markets. We see a future where new technologies will spawn and thrive outside the traditional tech centers as independent innovators access knowledge from anywhere and they respond to reduced taxes,  reduced regulations. 

*additive Manufacturing

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